Coconut Rice – The Special Culinary Trait Of Hue

coconut rice

The Hue cuisine has long been linked to Vietnamese royal senses, and today the Hue residents have created a new version to enchant gourmets worldwide: the coconut rice. To make this specialty, the delicious rice is cooked in a pool of coconut. On completion, the rice is aromatic, appetizing, and greasy. Hue to Hoi An by Jeeps is here to show you all information of coconut rice.

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About Coconut Rice in Hue

The rice is usually served in a half coconut, which looks very luscious. Just put the appropriate volume of rice in the half coconut whose flesh is removed already. Then, the rice is spiced deliciously and then steamed. The newly cooked coconut rice is hot and aromatic enough to make connoisseurs mouth-watering. There may add some colorful ingredients to the rice set, making it very eye-catching and savory.

Coconut Rice – The Special Culinary Trait Of Hue

You should you a spoon to eat the rice set directly from the coconut instead of taking it out and then put it into a bowl. That helps ensure the aroma and grease of the rice, without using the chili sauce. Historically, this food was only used to serve the kings in Hue. But now, the coconut rice becomes widely popular for the publics to cook and savor. Once the fragrant coconut is blended with the white and smooth rice, it stimulates the gourmets to eat in a happy way.

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Broadly speaking, this special Vietnamese Food Culture of Hue uses the deluxe rice and fresh coconut milk. The cooked rice set is then mixed with shrimp, pork, Hue sausage, etc. The use of the half coconut to hold a bowl of the fragrant rice enhances the fragrance and grease of the rice, winning praises of the true gourmets.

Just Order the Coconut Rice in Hue Restaurants and Food Stalls

According to the royal principle, a half coconut should only hold a bowl of rice. But now, many Hue restaurants and food stalls do use the bigger coconuts so that the connoisseurs can eat more and feel fuller. The coconut rice is spiced deliciously to suit almost every taste before it is steamed; therefore, sometimes, it’s unnecessary to use the chili sauce. Besides, you can ask the chefs to add your favorite ingredients to the set such as Hue sausage, pork, or shrimp.

Once the complete coconut rice is served before you, just eat it spoon by spoon, and chew steadily to enjoy this savory dish. As noted, the coconut is aromatic, and the rice is very sweet and greasy. Using the spoon to eat the rice coconut directly is one of the biggest favorites of the gourmets who arrive at Hue. With the fragrant and lovely coconut in hands, you’re highly inspired to eat the whole coconut; some may even order the second set.

All in all, the coconut rice in Hue is very delicious and fragrant, making it the worthwhile culinary trait of Hue. In the first time that you eat the coconut rice, you will inevitably fall in love with its exceptional taste. The grease of the prime rice and the fragrance of the coconut are the highlights to awake your ordinary senses. So, just order this food whenever you come to the food stalls and restaurants in Hue – the home to royal cuisine! The coconut rice will soon become the iconic food in Hue in a few next years.

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