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Vietnam Tour Packages are ideal opportunities for tourists looking to discover historical monuments, colonial buildings, religious sites, and war memorials with knowledgeable guides on hand to give them an insight into this amazing country. In the North Vietnam, breathtaking scenery in the Sapa Highlands and outstanding seascapes in Halong Bay. In the Central Vietnam, the World Heritage sites of Hoi An and Hue. In the South Vietnam, the frenetic city of Ho Chi Minh (formerly Saigon) and the green fields of the Mekong Delta… needless to say, Vietnam has so much to offer.

Whether you want to cruise along the Mekong river and bargain at local floating markets, take a biking holiday through the Sapa Highlands and visit Vietnam’s ethnic hill tribes, or cruise through the iconic Ha Long Bay aboard a traditional junk, this compilation of daytrips and tour packages in Vietnam caters to just about any budget level and preference. Do contact Hue to Hoi An by Jeeps today for your vietnam tour packages.


Cultural complexities

As you go through an array of Vietnam tour packages, you will discover just how much the country has to offer culturally. And a Vietnam trip is incomplete if you did not explore these nuances. The culture of Vietnam is diverse, rich and representative of its roaring history. As you walk down the teeming, labyrinthine alleys of Hanoi you will stumble upon a storehouse of indigenous craft symbolic of its mercantile influences which are easily centuries old.

From spotting Hindu temples with influences of Chinese heritage and architecture, tree-lined boulevards, a relic from its French colonial past, to the skyline of Ho Chi Minh City, its brightly lit steel and glass facades, the country’s corporate headquarters and lifeline, a symbol of Vietnam’s power and position in Asia and also of prosperity. You should study them before travelling to Vietnam with your vietnam tour packages.

Tumultuous history for vietnam tour packages

For most customers book their vietnam tour packages, they will study so much about Vietnamese history. Vietnam’s turbulent history notwithstanding, it has bounced back to become a major destination in Southeast Asia and also among the safest countries to live in. Vietnam has plenty to offer; from blazing green paddy fields, pristine white beaches, bustling cities, sleepy fishing villages, coastal, historical towns, limestone islands looming out of the sea, dizzying street life, tribal hill villages and friendly communities to age-old customs, Vietnam satisfies the curiosity of a modern traveller and also the warmth he seeks on his journey.

Subtle cuisine for vietnam tour packages

Late chef Anthony Bourdain was a great ambassador for Vietnam, especially its cuisine. He visited the country, relished its street food, ate at its cafes and bistros, picked up recipes from the locals and even went around shopping for the veggies to make his dish. It is the absolutely subtle flavours that define Vietnamese cooking, beginning with their national dish, Pho, a noddle broth loaded with meats and vegetables and piles of fresh seasoning; a dish whose appearance and consistency changes as you travel from north to south.

vietnam tour package
Hue Beef Vermicelli Soup, Vietnam

The umpteen street-food tours, cooking schools are testament to the fact that Vietnam’s culinary scene is deep-rooted and ever-evolving. The influence of Chinese, French culinary styles is evident in the use of herbs in the soups of north and spices in the cuisine of south. An epicurean hot spot, Vietnamese specialties comprise Banh Mi, a baguette of a thin, soft texture and filled with roasted pork and veggies, among an assortment of glass noodle and meat-based recipes that are unique in their flavouring and light on the palate.

Whether it is a city you are visiting or a village, a hot rice and fish meal with a glass of rice wine will always be available at hand. This is amazing thing for your vietnam tour packages.

Adrenaline and relaxation

Those wanting their dose of thrills, can take up motorbiking up the jaw-droppingly stunning Hai Van Pass in central Vietnam. There are several other hiking and motorbiking routes across Sa Pa in northern Vietnam. For some kite-surfing, the tropical paradise off Mui Ne is a great idea. Once you are done with your share of hikes up evergreen hills and sleepy homesteads, you can head into one of its cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City for a relaxing therapy; you will find several incredible ones offered by family-run salons offering backpacker-friendly prices. Should learn more for your vietnam tour packages.

Vietnam’s topography for vietnam tour packages

The major centres of Vietnam are Ho Chi Minh City in south and Hanoi in the north. But everything in between is as intriguing and striking for its topography. The craggy mountains to the west bordering Laos and Cambodia and the South China Sea to the east, then to the north and south the stunning deltas created by the Mekong and Red River make these regions fertile for paddy plantation. A landscape made iconic by the presence of buffaloes, swathes of green fields and farmers stooped among the farms in their conical hats.

A typical Vietnamese village scenery. The riverside historic town of Hoi An in central Vietnam will leave you much to mull on. Vietnam is home to some truly rare and widely unknown varieties of plants, animals, birds, making a visit to its national parks extremely rewarding. Head to the Central Highlands if it is trekking you care for among other outdoor activities. The mountain town of Da Lat will serve as the ideal base. You could even try out the more remote regions in northern and central Vietnam home to several indigenous tribes of the country.

Take a boat into the waters of Halong Bay and flit past limestone cliffs or the stunning, live-giving waters of the Mekong Delta and its little villages and floating markets. A trip to Vietnam would be incomplete without any beach time. There are several golden beaches in the south like the Doc Let beach, Vung Tau that offer swimming opportunities and excellent seafood. You should add these things for your vietnam tour packages.

vietnam tour package
War Remmants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City

Places to visit for vietnam tour packages

Ho Chi Minh City

Once you get past the buzz of a million motorbikes, you will realise that Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is quite the metropolis. Its chaotic, historic, stunning and a city on the move with a distinct character and a evocative history. From a war-wrecked city to a bustling metropolis that can be compared to the other traditional Southeast Asian favourites such as Bangkok and Singapore, you will find travellers from all over the world flock to Ho Chi Minh City to explore its culture, architecture and lifestyle. Here are some of the popular landmarks for vietnam tour packages:

Cu Chi Tunnels: Another place for vietnam tour packages is Cu Chi Tunnels. At the time of the American War all villages around the Cu Chi district supported the Viet Cong. To escape being neutralised by the Americans, the locals dug the earth and lived there. The Cu Chi tunnels were a result of that, the tunnel that held medical centre, living quarters, meetings rooms. You can visit a small stretch of the tunnel by dropping on your hands and knees and going underground to get an insight into how people lived in those times.

vietnam tour package
Cu Chi Tunnels Experience, Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh Museum: Built in the 1860s, also known as Dragon House, this erstwhile headquarters of a French shipping company is presently home to the Ho Chi Minh Museum. The museum comprises relics from Ho Chi Minh’s life and times, from a walking stick to sandals made out of tyres, and suitcase, the museum is dedicated to the man who worked tirelessly to free his country from colonialists. The museum also houses few of his photographs, now blurred and moth-ravaged. You should not miss this destination for your vietnam tour packages.

Notre Dame Cathedral: A gorgeous red brick structure from the late 19th century, the Notre Dame Cathedral, a must see spot for vietnam tour packages, spreads across the northern end of Dong Khoi. It has the quintessential stained-glass windows on top and behind the altar. The church has a statue of Virgin Mary serving as the centrepiece to a little park just outside the cathedral. The church is a great place to watch the general milieu of the city filing in and out in their best silks. You would find plenty of local kids and cyclo drivers hawking little souvenirs and postcards.

The Reunification Palace: The palace is a whitewashed building that has come up on the site of the erstwhile Norodom Palace, a mansion from 1871 that was home to the governor-general of Indochina. Post the departure of French in 1954, Ngo Dinh Diem turned this monument into his presidential palace. The building was rechristened Reunification Hall from Independence Palace after the fall of Saigon in 1975. You can head to the Reunification Palace and join in in a group tour conducted in English, Chinese and other languages. You should add this place for vietnam tour packages.

vietnam tour package
Reunification Hall, Ho Chi Minh City

The War Remnants Museum: A visit to this museum is not for the faint of heart as the museum depicts across a warren of rooms the horrors of modern warfare. It houses a guillotine that was used at the Central Prison in the beginning for the French and then for Diem. As you cross the courtyard the details get more grisly, from photographs of torture, mutilation, to burns. Do not miss this destination for vietnam tour packages.

There is a dedicated gallery that details the aftermath of a 75 million litre of defoliant sprays hurled across Vietnam. From malformed foetus preserved in glass jars to photographs of barren landscape among other shocking displays. Another gallery explores the international opposition to the war and the American peace movement, bringing about a sense of balance to the overall tone of the museum.

vietnam tour package
War Remmants Museum, Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh Market: It is one of Ho Chi Minh City’s iconic markets, almost a century old, known to the French as Halles Centrales. The market is a labyrinth of aisles with shops spilling on the surrounding pavements. Ben Thanh is a hub to buy all kinds of souvenirs that are uniquely Vietnam, from the iconic conical hats, bags, lacquerware, handwoven baskets, shoes, Da Lat coffee, handmade chocolates, Vietnam t-shirts, wall-hangings, to dress material. You will simply be spoilt for choice for your vietnam tour packages.

You can also explore the wet market just at the back of the complex where you will find live frogs on sale, pig ear and snouts, eels, baskets crowded with hens. If you wish to take a pause from your shopping and tuck into a quick snack or a meal, you can choose one of the stalls in the main hall or the several seafood stalls that proliferate the grounds outside the market, specialising in all kinds of local offerings from glass noodles and roasted meats, pho to other seafood specialties. These makeshift stalls are very popular with both tourists and locals.

The Mekong Delta

Most people add the Mekong Delta for their vietnam tour packages. The Mekong River born in the Tibetan Himalayas cascades down through the Yunnan province in China and then goes between Laos and Thailand and then through Cambodia before finally reaching Vietnam. The flat delta in the shape of a comma extends from the south of Vietnam and divides itself into multiple tributaries, all of them slowly moving seawards. Some of Vietnam’s most recalled scenery can be found around these regions surrounding the myriad waterways.

The glistening paddy fields, the swathes of coconut groves, farmers in their conical hats plucking sugarcane, children splashing in the water with their buffaloes, the colourfully painted boats bobbing on the waters, hawking fruits, flowers, vegetables and daily ware. The best time to visit the Mekong Delta is the dry season between December and May when you can explore the little villages on the river, visit a crocodile farm, stop for a meal of fish and rice, before returning to Ho Chi Minh City unless you are booked for the night on your boat.

Things to do in Mekong Delta for vietnam tour packages
Among things to do in Vietnam you need the explore the possibilities the Mekong region offers. Visit the Khmer pagodas and the colourful temples around Tra Vinh that have a distinct Cambodian influence. From Tra Vinh you can take a ferry ride to this surprisingly unspoilt island, An Binh punctuated by a maze of waterways and little houses almost denoting the Mekong landscape in miniature. There are ample homestays on the Mekong Delta where you can spend your nights at amid friendly rural communities, closely observing the various facets of their daily life, and getting a sense of Vietnamese culture and hospitality.

Several of these villages have their own fish farm and it is wonderful to join the locals on a meal of fish and rice. The best way to explore the Mekong Delta is by way of a boat tour, with majority of these tours originating in Ho Chi Minh City, taking you to My Tho, Vinh Long, Cai Be, Chau Doc or Can Tho, and there are those operators too who offer two or three-day live aboard trips, with some even longer ones chugging upstream into Cambodia. Of them Can Tho is most popular for its hotels and restaurants with tourists flocking in to visit the nearby floating markets. You should study so much for your vietnam tour packages.

vietnam tour package
Floating Market, Mekong Delta

The Central Highlands with vietnam tour packages

The Central Highlands in Vietnam is a place that is carpeted with flowers and interspersed with roaring waterfalls for much of the year. The tribes that inhabit the region, their long houses, the culture and the rare flora and topography of the region notwithstanding, it is one of the least visited parts of the country. Majority of the tourists make a beeline for either the northern part of the country, Hanoi, Halong, Sa Pa or the south.

Yet there is much to see in the Central Highlands of Vietnam outside of its two national parks. Mountainous Da Lat is an exception to the rule as is the lively town of Kon Tum. There are some very beautiful and quaint homestays in the region and very few tourists. You should add these places for your vietnam tour packages.

Things to do in the Central Highlands for vietnam tour packgages
With Laos and Cambodia to its west, the Central Highlands are characterised by the red soil that yields bountiful tea, coffee, hardwood and silk. And despite its plantation-style economy, primaeval forests still flourish that are home to a wealth of wildlife such as bears, elephants, gibbons that have survived from the times when the region was a hunting ground for Saigon’s royalty. The main reason for visitors, however few, to arrive in the Central Highlands is the former French mountain retreat, Da Lat with its swirls of mist-crested peaks.

The surrounding city has some cosy homestays, stunning colonial edifices, a local market choc-filled with the freshest of fruits and vegetables, making bike rides extremely popular in this region. To the northwest of Da Lat is the Lak Lake surrounded by quaint villages, and beyond them the rugged highland towns that are marked by more villages and a stark terrain. Arrive at Buon Ma Thuot, a little far-flung city that is peppered by waterfalls and minority villages, the gateway for a trek into the Yon Don National Park.

To the north is charming Kon Tum, a provincial capital home to Bahnar villages and some stunning vistas. They are a must destinations for vietnam tour packages.

The Southern Coast

Vietnam’s Southern Coast is popular across Southeast Asia for those seeking the sun and sand and some tranquil scenery. The convex-shaped coastline of the south is home to crystalline waters and powdery white sands and fringed with lush coconut groves. A major beach resort is Nha Trang and Mui Ne that have as many locals visiting it as tourists, what with plenty charming restaurants and cafes serving international as well as top-notch Vietnamese cuisine and some chic hotels found here.

Adding to its coastal charms are the few less-crowded beaches and a couple of pristine islands, though the Southern Coast isn’t without its historical significance. The region was the bastion of the Kingdom of Champa whose majestic ruins can be found to this day on the coast. An Indian trading empire, Champa received seafaring merchants from all over the world. Do not miss them for vietnam tour packages.

Things to do in the Southern Coast for vietnam tour packages
South of Vietnam is about beach hunting and tucking into succulent seafood. Head to the Con Dao Archipelago, an island that was once host to a terrible prison. But today it has opened its arms to divers, beach bums and even trekking enthusiasts. Now, if it is a fancy beach retreat you crave for, think no beyond Mui Ne, a lively breezy bay ideal for sunbathing and kite-surfing.

While Mui Ne and Nha Trang remain the more popular choices in the south, you can still count on a handful deserted stretches of sand that are pristine and atmospheric. One such example is the Ca Na Beach.

For a dose of history and architecture, plan a trip to the majestic Po Klong Garai Towers which lies on the outside of Phan Rang. The Cham architecture of the region is quite remarkable. But those interested in exploring the marine life of the South China Sea, can go snorkelling or diving in the aquamarine waters off the islands close to Nha Trang. The other reason several tourists head to Nha Trang are the hot water springs of Thap Ba which is quite a destination to soak in a mud bath. A city with delightful deep sea offerings down south is Quy Nhon, a less-heralded beach town with all the coastal charms and some iconic Cham ruins too.

About 125 kilometre southeast of Ho Chi Minh City is a weekend bolt-hole, Vung Tau, a hammerheaded sweep of land protruding into the Saigon River. Vung Tau styled like a Riviera is very popular with the locals and expats of Ho Chi Minh City who find enough hotels, service apartments here to rent and do some swimming in the town’s many beaches. Bai Sau or the Black Beach is perfect for an evening stroll which you can cap with a delicious seafood meal. Do customize your vietnam tour packages with these spots.

The Central Coast

The central region is the narrowest part of Vietnam, but packs quite a punch, historically speaking. As you emerge from the south, the first town you will chance upon is Hoi An, an old-world town known for its traditional architecture and fantastic culinary offering. Then head north to Da Nang, a town known for its 21st century structures, a slew of restaurants and bars, and a chilled-out contemporary vibe.

Da Nang is a perfect base to visit My Son known for its Cham temple complex and some stunning local beaches. Then you can proceed to the former capital of the Nguyen dynasty, Hue. The old imperial city is studded with palace structures and manicured gardens. Don’t leave without sampling some of the scenes from American War in the DMZ or Demilitarised Zone. This area creates the distinction between north and south Vietnam.

Things to do in the Central Coast for vietnam tour packages
The riverside charms of Hoi An, a laid-back city that is home to some very talented tailors who would stitch you an outfit in record time. But it is also the cuisine of Hoi An that draws busloads of travellers to it. It can easily be dubbed Vietnamese cuisine at its best with its assortment of meats, fish, poultry, and the finest blend of fresh fruits and vegetables. For exploring a treasure-trove of Cham ruins emerging from grass, moss and old, ageing bark, simply make a beeline for My Son.

vietnam tour package
Thien Mu Pagoda, Hue City

Da Nang is a city most admired for its massive Lady Buddha statue. View the Dragon Bridge that breathes fire, enjoy gourmet cuisine with seafood featured in creative ways. Little wonder, Da Nang is central Vietnam’s latest top-drawer destinations. For a scenic drive, careen up and over a dizzying road, the Hai Van Pass or the Pass of the Ocean Clouds. Straddle the Perfume River into enter Hue, an erstwhile imperial city with its beautifully done up buildings that were once home to the emperors of yore.

Don’t even think of leaving the Central Coast without rounding up the Vinh Moc tunnels, a popular sight in the DMZ which is basically a chain of dens that sheltered a whole village during the war.

The Northern Coast for vietnam tour packages

The Northern Coast of Vietnam, though devoid of beaches, forms some of the most lasting images of Vietnam and that of Southeast Asia. The magical Pirates-of-the-Caribbean kind of scenery of Halong Bay with its emerald waters and scraggy limestone karsts shooting out of them makes it Vietnam’s foremost attraction. As you sail in a cruise ship you will encounter a slew of hidden bays, plunging ridges, and cliffs dotted with tropical vegetation.

You can spend a few nights aboard a cruise ship, stop for some kayaking along the occasional sweep of sand, enjoy a glorious sunset, participate in cooking classes aboard, visit oyster farm and caves festooned with stalactites and at all times behold a scenery that is at best surreal. Cat Ba is another island ideal for a stay. For more karst scenery, head into the small town of Ninh Binh and marvel at the colonial structures of Hai Phong and cave network near Dong Hoi.

Things to do in the Northern Coast for vietnam tour packages
A trip to the Northern Coast of Vietnam is incomplete without browsing the magnificent Phong Nha caves, which are among the world’s biggest. The other activity you can pursue is cycling around Tam Coc which seems like a lunar landscape, what with limestone cliffs serving as the backdrop while you ride your cycle through the intense rice fields of Ninh Binh. Visit Ho Citadel, a 700-year-old fortress that rises in the middle of nowhere and is made of gigantic boulders of stone.

For some colonial architecture, head into Haiphong and get a glimpse into the port city’s distinct French roots. For some sunny beaches and enchanting scenery, travel to Cat Ba island, a lively island serving delectable seafood, perfect for a couple of days. And not to mention, a must on your trip to the Northern Coast is a cruise down Halong Bay weaving your way through limestone pinnacles that dot the emerald waters. An experience absolutely unmissable.

vietnam tour package
Halong Bay, Vietnam

North Vietnam

Vietnam expands over Hanoi to the Laos and Chinese borders and gets as broad as 600 kilometre with most of the region in a hilly buffer zone surrounded by the Red River Delta. This wild and pristine region of Vietnam affords some the country’s most stunning scenery.

To top it all it is sparsely populated and is peppered with small settlements of ethnic minorities. It is to the northwest of the region that most travellers gravitate towards, a region home to Vietnam’s highest mountain range and Mount Fan Si Pan, its tallest peak which rises rather suddenly out of the Red River Valley.

In its shadow lies the famed Sa Pa, a quaint erstwhile French hill station opening up endless trekking opportunities through lush scenery and a sprinkling of remote minority villages. As you head to the east of the Red River, you reach Bac Ha whose major attraction are Flower Hmong with vibrant markets. Aside from these towns, Dien Bien Phu, a battlefield that marked Viet Minh’s victory over the French colonists in 1954, are Northern Vietnam’s most visited sites. When you return from North Vietnam, consider going down from Dien Bien Phu, crossing through Son La and Mai Chau, extremely scenic destinations all the way into Hanoi.

Things to do in North Vietnam for vietnam tour packages
On a visit to North Vietnam, ride a cable car from Sa Pa to the top of Mount Fan Si Pan, the highest mountain in the country. As you plan a trip to the Bac Ha Sunday Market, a place visited by the Flower Hmong tribe, known for their colourful dressing style, it is worth keeping your camera handy. You can browse around the Thai minority villages on cycle or foot past lush paddy fields and see a Thai house on stilt in Mai Chau and enjoy cultural performances.

You must also find some time to visit Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark, the country’s first geopark, also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, home to some of Vietnam’s most incredible scenery. Drift on the waters of the Ba Be Lake on a boat and enjoy the scenery or take a hike to the minority villages on its shore and perhaps even find a homestay to spend the night in. When you go from the karst-dotted landscapes of Cao Bang towards the Chinese border you will pass through some breathtaking waterfalls, one of the them being, Ban Gioc Falls, a landmark whose impressions can be found on picture postcards of Vietnam all across the country. 

You should add these destinations for your vietnam tour packages.

Vietnam’s capital city is high-octane, unforgettable, exotic, rustic, with sights and smells as unique as it gets. It is a vibrant cauldron that frantically blends the old and the new, what with swarms of motorbikes zooming down the narrow, bustling streets past rambling, pumpkin-hued colonial structures, streets that are choc-a-block with street food stalls, their delicate fragrance mingling with the night air. Hanoi compared to its southern counterpart Ho Chi Minh City is much more intimate.

The street-scape studded with cafes, curio shops and artful squares and an unmissable young population that hits the streets in full strength as the sun goes down and the city’s many pubs and watering holes come to life. The noise and chaos and verve that the city drums up everyday is only worth experiencing. But it is the street-food culture that tops the charts, and in a way gives the city its character and appeal. Here is a must see for vietnam tour packages.

Things to do in Hanoi for vietnam tour packages
The commercial centre of Hanoi, the Old Quarter is where you can spent several hours browsing. The zigzagging, narrow streets are best explored on foot and the world’s best to enjoy a yummy seafood platter or simply order a Vietnamese coffee and take in the chaos and hysteria. Plan a visit to the Opera House, a gorgeous Parisian-style structure in the French Quarter.

The interiors of the place are equally sumptuous complete with elaborate chandeliers, shiny marble floor and mirrors making attending a performance here extremely rewarding. Among Hanoi’s major landmarks is the Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum in the Ba Dinh District.

You can see him embalmed and displayed in a glass casket. Temple of Literature is another major attraction in Hanoi. Founded in 1070, it is an elaborate complex and a paradigm of traditional Vietnamese architecture and the country’s foremost centre of learning dedicated Confucius. You cannot leave Vietnam without watching a water puppet show in its capital city. This unusual art form was developed in floodlands of the Red River Delta. Head to the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre to the northeast of the Hoan Kiem Lake and catch an engaging performance. You should not these things for your vietnam tour packages.

Best time to visit Vietnam for vietnam tour packages

Being more than 1600 kilometre long, Vietnam’s weather varies as one travels from north to south, from temperate to tropical climate. The best thing about having such diverse weather conditions is the travel opportunities it opens up for tourists through the year. Despite the seasonality of various destinations, March and April, the spring months, remain the best to visit Vietnam in general when the weather is pleasant, and rainfall between moderate and light.

Monsoon is the season you need to avoid as tropical monsoon bring in lashing downpour causing flooding especially of the Mekong Delta and extreme temperatures making the days muggy and sweltering. They are excellent information for your vietnam tour packages.
But here are the seasons you can pick if any of these destinations are on your mind:

Best time to visit Sa Pa, Halong Bay and Hanoi for vietnam tour packages
North Vietnam experiences dry and cold winters between December and February with overnight temperatures plummeting to up to 4 degree Celsius. In the summer season, between May and August, the weather is rather humid and damp. The best time to visit any of these destinations in North Vietnam are the spring months between March and April or autumn between September and November when the nights are cool and the days bright and sunny.

Best time to visit Hoi An and Hue for vietnam tour packages
Central Vietnam’s coast is prone to typhoons in the monsoon months followed by heavy rains. Coastal cities like Hoi An usually receives raging storms and torrential rains between August and November. The rains typically abate by February and the weather turns warmer and days livelier. So, if you are looking to visit Central Vietnam, choose the months between February and August when the weather averages a 30 degree Celsius. They are  good information for vietnam tour packages.

Best time to visit Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City for vietnam tour packages
South Vietnam has a pleasant, warm weather round the year, so it is safe to say that anytime is good time to travel to the southern coast of Ho Chi Minh City and the Mekong Delta region. The monsoons recede by December and until May there are hardly any showers. The rainy months take hold again from June and goes on through November when flooding is the order of the day in the delta. They are useful information for vietnam tour packages.

This may not be a good time to travel as frequent showers can derail your itinerary. But on the other hand, if you want to get the best of scenery and some wonderful photographs, there may not be a better time than monsoon when the rain-heavy clouds hover over the Mekong Delta, lending the paddy fields a vibrant shade of green. In the summer months, between March and May, the temperatures could be a tad unbearable as the mercury shoots to a scorching 40 degree Celsius. So you should choose a proper time to book vientnam tour packages.

How to reach Vietnam for vietnam tour packages

By sea: You can cruise into Vietnam from Cambodia through Mekong Delta. There are ferries as well as plush cruises that run between the two countries, and it takes nearly 8 hours to get from Cambodia to Vietnam by sea.

By air: There are three major international airports in Vietnam. The Noi Bai International Airport in the north, in Hanoi, the Da Nang International Airport in Da Nang, the central region and another in the south, in Ho Chi Minh City, the Tan Son Nhat International Airport. All these airports receive flights from major cities in the world including India. There are direct IndiGo flights from New Delhi to Ho Chi Minh City.

By road: You can drive down to Vietnam from either Laos or Cambodia. You will come across three border crossings from Cambodia and six from Laos, and typically the journey takes around 12 hours. It can be quite a tedious journey, but if you wish to enjoy some stunning scenery that denotes Southeast Asia, this is the way to enter Vietnam.

By rail: You can enter Vietnam by train if you are coming from either Beijing or Nanning in China. This will get you into Northern Vietnam, for the Nanning Express halts in Hanoi. The train journey can be quite lengthy and best avoided if you are in a hurry to explore the country.

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