Top 5 Vietnamese Food for Birthday Party


Knowing top Vietnamese food for birthday party, foreign guests show that they care much about the party and are eager for the yummy feast. In this kind of party at home, the hosts and hostess can cook several delicious dishes such as deep-fried seafood, BBQ, boiled chicken, steamed fish, and hotpot to please participants. If you get an invitation to a birthday party in Vietnam, expect to see following dishes on the menu from Hue to Hoi An by Jeeps.

Top 5 Vietnamese Food for Birthday Party

#1: The Deep-Fried Seafood

In particular, the deep-fried squid is the most-selected appetizer in the local party. Served hot and crunchy, the fried squid pieces look attractive, with the scrumptious flour cover. Beside the squid, the shrimp is another favorable ingredient to mix with rice flour and then deep-fried in the hot oil pan. When being served, the fried pieces should be rinsed out of the remaining oil. The yellow and fragrant deep-fried seafood urges guests to eat appetizer till the last piece.

#2: Bbq Dishes

Cooking food on a barbecue in the open air provides fantastic environment for chatting and mingling with each other. The BBQ birthday party in Vietnam usually uses some kinds of meat like beef, pork rib, bacon, chicken, sausage, etc. Also, seafood and root vegetables are the great additional ingredients. Being made clean and well-spiced, the meat is grilled on the hot coal stoves outdoors. The hosts can grill the food in advance and make it ready to serve guests; or, they can let guests self-serve by barbecuing their favorite ingredients; or, they hire the restaurant staff to serve at their houses. The home-made BBQ is often warm and inspiring that encourages participants to chat, eat, and create beautiful memories together.

#3: The Fish Steamed With Beer

Not only do the Vietnamese drinks beer, but they also use it for steaming fish. In particular, the “Ca Loc Bong” (its English name is Channa micropeltes) is the common fish steamed with beer. This is the simple-to-make dish but quite delectable. On a party table of 10 guests, the fish should be 3kg or more to serve. Often, the steamed fish is served hot with rice vermicelli, rice paper, fresh vegetables, and fish sauce. While the fish is sweet, vegetable is fresh, and fish sauce is scrumptious. The food is also eye-catching when being topped with chili, coriander, and spring onion.

#4: The Boiled Chicken

The Vietnamese birthday party usually has the boiled chicken on the menu. The boiled version should be “hot inside and smooth outside.” Particularly in the first birthday party of a baby in Vietnam, the parents will prepare the boiled chicken on the ancestors’ altars, worship, and pray for the baby’s health and good future ahead. According to the Vietnamese predecessor’s belief, the boiled chicken symbolizes health, wealth, and happiness; that is why this is quite popular Vietnamese food for a party.

#5: Hotpot With Seafood

Hotpot is an indispensable dish in almost every party in Vietnam, including the birthday celebration. Hotpot comes in various kinds, including many different ingredients which can be fish, meat, shrimp, crab, squid, beef, mutton, chicken, duck, etc. Due to the hosts’ preferences, they select a certain type of hotpot for the celebration. Often, the seafood hotpot with sour and sweet tastes is most popular. Included in the pot should be shrimp, squid, fish, etc., and a variety of vegetables. The keys of this food are the fresh ingredients and the well-spiced broth. In Vietnam, people eat hotpot nearly at the end of the party, only prior to the fruit dessert.

Now you know some best Vietnamese food for party, be ready for the happy birthday party and enjoy the great feast as well as the exciting atmosphere to the fullest.

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