Dragon Bridge in Da Nang City

dragon bridge

Dragon Bridge Overview

As you might or might not know, the design of Dragon Bridge is associated with the history of new architectural art in Da Nang. It is acquired from a competition among famous architects to bring the most exclusive design for the bridge. Two architects from the US with the design of a flying dragon has won the competition.

dragon bridge

The Distinct Structure of Dragon Bridge

Not only is the bridge with one special kind of architecture in Vietnam but Dragon Bridge also is the arterial road of the city that provides the shortest road from Danang International Airport to other main roads in the city. Dragon Bridge, with the shape modeling a majestic dragon of the Ly Dynasty flying to the East Sea, is one of the most iconic architectures in Danang.

Dragon’s tail is stylized with the design of a blooming lotus flower, the traditional flower of the idyllic Vietnamese countryside.  The undulating dragon’s body reaching the sea shows the ambition of Danang to integrate with friends all around the world. In terms of stability, 5 coating layers will prevent the bridge from corrosion and impacts of weather as well as bring the eye-catching golden color for the bridge. 

Events at Dragon Bridge

Night is the best time to see Dragon Bridge. Featuring 15.000 LED lights, it turns into a real dragon with a dazzling light effect. Moreover, Dragon Bridge attracts many visitors with several events and performances at night.

dragon bridge

Fire and water performance

To all Danang visitors, along with learning about the Dragon Bridge history, watching the fire-breathing performance of Dragon Bridge is one of the most exciting moments. Fortunately, you can easily witness fantastic performances during the weekend without paying a penny.  Regularly, at 9 o’clock on Saturday and Sunday nights, Dragon Bridge will provide residents and tourists with fantastic fire and water performance. 

dragon bridge

The first performance is a fire-breathing show that comes in 2 turns with 9 times of fire each wave. You will be amazed by the dazzling lights combining with the fire that comes out from the dragon’s head. Many tourists love the second show, which is a much shorter water performance than the former one. It includes 3 turns but only 1 time of water per turn. 

 The best place to enjoy the performance

    • On the bridge: When the show starts, vehicles are not allowed to pass the bridge. Since then, you can enjoy the performance right on the bridge. However, you should stay away from the dragon’s head, or else you might get wet during the water-breathing show. 
    • Under the bridge (Tran Hung Dao Street): Tran Hung Dao Street crosses the Dragon Bridge right under the dragon’s head. Thus, it is the best place to enjoy the performance. Moreover, you can enjoy drinks at many sidewalk bars along the street.
    • From Bach Dang Street: Bach Dang Street is located at the end of the bridge. From here, you can enjoy both the performance and the poetic beauty of the Han River. However, you should get to the second floor of some cafe shops that have a balcony for a better view.
  • From high above: A more exciting place to see the performance is from the top of many buildings near the bridge. You can enjoy the performance and the dazzling Danang night.
  • From other bridges: Danang is the city of famous bridges such as Han Bridge or Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Since they are paralleling with the Dragon Bridge, you can see the water and fire performance from both two bridges.

Danang International Firework Festival (DIFF)

Danang is a destination of not only beautiful beaches, ancient temples, and delicious traditional food but also famous international events such as Da Nang International Firework Festival (DIFF).  Once a year, many fireworks competitors from all around the world will gather in this coastal city to attend the biggest firework competition of the year.  Since the firework performances will take place in the Han River, Dragon Bridge is one of the best places to enjoy the firework for free.

dragon bridge

Unfortunately, if you want to enjoy both the performance and the music fully, you should arrive soon before the show begins as there will be a massive crowd on the bridge.

Dragon Bridge Map

How to get to Dragon Bridge

It’s very easy to get Dragon Bridge. You can walk to get here if you hotel in the center of Da Nang City. You can hire a taxi or motor bike to go the bridge as well. If you want to see the bridge in best ways, please contact Hue to Hoi An by Jeeps they can customize a special tour for you and your group or you can select one of the following tours.

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